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Community - in Stony Plain, AB

Rob & Lorie Saito

Rob and Lorie Saito have been together in spiritual relationship since 1982.  They have home-birthed and home schooled 3 daughters.  As well, they built their own straw bale home.  They live on 12 acres of heaven and have been growing organically for 25 years.  All the while, becoming International Instructors in 7 years.

They are Certified as Teachers in 4 strains of Reiki: Usui Western, Tibetan, Karuna and Komyo.  Since 2004, their practice has reached over 350 students, including 8 Teachers.

In 2008, they opened Canada’s first Reiki Dojo, a place to learn and practice every day. They have developed Saito Komyo Reiki which includes the only Teachers Certification with an intensive practicum program that provides in class training.

They have practiced Reiki in every hospital in Edmonton, treated conditions ranging from recovery from a serious car accident to Flesh Eating Disease, Breast Cancer to palliative care.

Saito Komyo Reiki focuses on a very spiritually focused Reiki, training students to go from first degree all the way to teacher with confidence in their practice without fear of being alone and not knowing what to do.

Community - in Stony Plain, ABStony Plain Acupuncture offers Acupuncture, Massage, Craniosacral, Reiki, Physio in Stony Plain, AB

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